The Engineers of Engineer Recruiting



SpringbokIT is the culmination of a handful of technology-loving staffing pros who have developed a better way to build engineering teams.


Development & Architecture

Building dev teams is what we do, our focus is contract and contract to hire positions where a strong coder and great culture fit is needed. Have an open dev job? We meet you, break it down with our recruiting team, and fill it. Hear the high fives from down the hall? That’s your Dev Manager and her Lead getting a SpringbokIT developer profile in their mailbox. Our existing clients rave about the way we present coders and it should be the main reason new clients want to try us out. Our playground is .NET, Java & Open Source, we’re the kids at the top of the jungle gym.


Infrastructure & Systems

Code doesn’t just float in the air so SpringbokIT also covers apps-related disciplines on the Infrastructure side. We’re currently building DevOps (Jenkins/Git/Docker) and Cloud Engineering (AWS/Azure) teams here in Dallas. Code is our race car, but we can also put together some amazing pit crews. We especially love new clients just getting into automation and best practices for deploying and integrating their software, we can help navigate some of the gray areas general IT agencies stumble over.


Business Engineering

Everyone in a dev shop knows coders can’t do it alone and the importance of a good Product/Analyst/PM/Agile professional should not be underestimated. We take the evaluation of Business Engineers very seriously, like all our candidates we meet them face to face to ensure 100% that they are going to make our clients look like Super Heroes when they get client side. We work with positive people that drive process, love technology and get out of bed every morning to deliver awesome apps. Need someone to config your Jira? We here ‘ya. We won’t Slack. Find you someone with Kanban? Yeah, we can man.



Our Services

IT staffing is what we do. IT staffing is all we do. We don't write code or configure routers, but we do understand that Information Technology is about creation, resilience, and building awesome stuff with like-minded teammates who rely on each other to do a good job.  

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You need to go outside your team to implement a technology or to enhance utilization of a specific technology. You need to hit a deadline, your internal staff is tired of looking at the same problem with no solution, and/or a new build is (yet again) not ready for release. We’ll unearth the right consultant or contractor with a tool belt ready to fix your problem.

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Nothing should be taken more seriously than adding a permanent employee to your team. Whether you're building a new unit or adding to an existing group, the right talent won't be found searching job posts or responding to mass emails. They may very well be interested in your job, but candidates need to be actively sourced, informed, and educated as to why your opportunity is an obvious next step in their careers.

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In an incredibly competitive market like Dallas – where there is a war for talent – it's sometimes advantageous for candidates and prospective employers to work together on a contractual basis before a permanent home is agreed upon. We can help you navigate this search and ensure the transition between contractor to new team member goes according to plan.


How We Work

There is NO point in starting something new if you're simply going to operate the same old way.

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Here's the simple truth.

The typical recruiting model that works well for so many industries is not a good fit for evaluating Software Developers, Security Engineers or UX Designers.

IT professionals are modern day artisans who apply technology to solve business problems, and the scary reality is a lot of recruiting agencies don't even really know what their candidates do.


Every IT Recruiting agency in Dallas services the same clients, they have the same candidate pool,
and they use the same list of industry tools. Not SpringbokIT. We use a truly strategic and active recruiting
approach that puts us in front of the best candidates every time. We don't wait for them to come to us.
That's the SpringbokIT difference.   


We reach far beyond low-hanging fruit.


It takes a lot of time and energy to frequent tech seminars, meet-ups, hackathons, and conferences – but that's where we find our best engineers so that's where we go.

Job boards will always be a part of recruiting, but they only serve up low-hanging fruit and we aspire to go so much further, and be far, far better.


Pronk: A display leap performed by the Springbok; to leap in the air with an arched back and stiff legs, typically as a form of display; to show off or prance.