How We Work

There is no point in starting something new if you’re simply going to operate in the traditional way.

Here’s the simple truth: The typical recruiting model that works well for so many industries is not a good fit for evaluating Software Developers, Security Engineers or UX Designers. IT professionals are modern-day artisans who apply technology to solve business problems, and the scary reality is a lot of recruiting agencies don’t even really know what their candidates do.

We don’t write code or configure routers at Springbok IT, but we do understand that Information Technology is about creation, resilience, and building awesome stuff with like-minded team mates who rely on each other to do a good job.

Every IT Recruiting agency in Dallas services the same clients, they have the same candidate pool, and they use the same list of industry tools. Not SpringbokIT. We use a truly strategic and active recruiting approach that puts us in front of the best candidates every time. We don’t wait for them to come to us. That’s the SpringbokIT difference.

The Resume System is Outdated

It was also never engineered to represent IT professionals. Resumes are proprietary per candidate, and an agency that formats it and slaps their logo on top doesn’t cut it. We include a candidate profile – tailored to your job – that speaks to why a candidate is a good fit for that position. The questions around this profile are based on decades of successful technical team building.

Years of Experience aren’t a true indicator of Skillset

The number of years a candidate has used a certain type of technology or tech platform is (at very best) a general indicator of skillset – yet it’s the main indicator used by almost every tech recruiter. At SpringbokIT, we’re more concerned with what a candidate has built, fixed, or improved.

A Resume is NOT a good Indicator of Cultural fit

We actively engage candidates to evaluate potential culture fit, personal skills, and possible upside – and learn about their motivations. If you print out a dozen resumes and attempt to rank candidates in terms of best culture fit for your organization you will fail. Our recruiters actively engage every candidate they represent over the phone and in person, it’s the only way to find out who we’re representing. You cannot accurately evaluate candidates without engagement.