Staaahhp! You're making us blush
Springbok Doesn’t Waste our Time

I’ve worked with SpringbokIT on several software engineering hires in the past and I’ve never been more satisfied with a recruiting experience. Lots of recruiting companies will waste your time flooding you with a hundred resumes to weed through, or continuing to push candidates you’ve already screened out. The people at SpringbokIT really understand the technologies we use and current industry trends, and that software developers aren’t just conveniently interchangeable parts. They understand what it is we actually do, and that’s refreshing in an industry full of recruiting agencies that, frankly, don’t.

Rob P.
Senior Engineering Manager

Follow-up is a Feature, not a Bug

I give advice to the recruiters, and I give advice to the job seekers. I think the main thing to take away from it is to build a meaningful network. I can’t stress enough how that has helped me in all of my career paths.

I give a shout-out to SpringbokIT and working with Timothy Hand and Cam Conley. These guys did such a good job at following up, just checking in from time to time, and tapping into their own network. If you are on the market and in the IT space definitely reach out to them, or if you are looking to fill a spot they will get you taken care of.

Andrew P.
Placed Candidate & Hiring Manager

The Best Move I’ve Ever Made

My new gig has been AMAZING! I still can’t believe how well everything played out. We’re still working from home, so I’ve only met a few in person, but everyone on the team and in the company has been so amazing to work with. Chaney is the most amazing manager I’ve ever had. This was honestly the best move I’ve ever made, career-wise. I appreciate Cam and Michael for everything and for helping me get here.

Brianna A.
Placed Candidate