Springbok IT Expands to St. Louis

Our Dallas-Based Agency Opens an IT Staffing Gateway to the Midwest in "The Lou"
We’re ready to knock your next career out of the park, and it all starts with our brand-spankin’-new regional office in St. Louis. This year, our resolution is to introduce the SpringbokIT difference to the Gateway City. And we’re just getting started.

St. Louis is saturated with recruiting agencies targeting larger, corporate entities. They use the same candidate pool and impersonal evaluation methodologies. Not us. We focus on mid-level and startup companies and understand that a resume provides only a small window into an applicant’s potential.

Most companies don’t have the time to thoroughly vet each candidate. Thankfully, we do. Our strategic, active recruiting approach attracts the best applicants and opens up a gateway for IT talent.

We’re on Your Team

St. Louis is a vibrant metropolis with some of the best food, music, and – of course – the most loyal sports fans in the country. It’s a unique place filled with passionate people. Account executive and St. Louis native Lou Wiedman knows this firsthand.

Since July, Lou has led our early regional sales initiatives, laying the groundwork for our new office. Lou is excited to spearhead Springbok’s growth in “The Lou.” He knows what a gamechanger it will be for IT staffing.

“Our recruitment process really is exceptional. We take the time to get to know each of our candidates one-on-one,” says Lou. “We ensure that their skills and personality are the perfect fit for our client. Not to mention, we have an intimate understanding of what an engineer does and the invaluable resource they are to their company. It’s a really personal relationship, and that makes all the difference.”

SpringbokIT gets to know our clients and our applicants on an intimate level – beyond their company overview or their resume. We learn about the intangible skills and personal qualities that our clients seek in their hires. We’ll find out what each candidate has built, fixed, or improved. Then, we can identify the best match for each open opportunity. That’s the kind of personalized recruiting solution that encourages staff development and retention.

You’re on Deck

The proverbial bases are loaded with a plethora of IT jobs waiting for you. Whether you want to work in cloud infrastructure, app development, network engineering, or even an executive role, we can find a match for your career goals.

Step up to the plate. There’s still time to land your dream job before Adam Wainwright tosses the first pitch of the season. Batter up!